Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce (3-piece Set)

Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce delight both the penis shaft and the tip. Discreet and ideal for a quick fix on the go.


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Hydro active TPE

Made of smooth, hydroactive TPE that can be moistened with a small amount of water or saliva.

Compact travel size

Your perfect travel companion thanks to its compact size.

Perfect stimulation

Designed to stimulate the entire penis, ensures comprehensive and satisfying sensations.

Satisfyer Egg Masturbator 3-piece set - Fierce

For quick fix on the go

Satisfyer Masturbator Eggs Fierce have a skin-like texture and delight both the penis shaft and the tip. Different inner shapes surprise and delight with nuanced sensations. And thanks to the innovative Cyberskin, no lubricant needs to be added.

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Explore Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce specifications for detailed insights and technical information. Dive into the specifics to make informed decisions and discover the key features that set Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce apart.

Color: Yellow
Suitable for: Men
Length: 68.5 mm
Breadth: 52.3 mm
Height: 49.3 mm
Weight: 156.30 g
Waterproof (IPX7): Yes
Material: ABS plastic, TPE


You’re always on the safe side with Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce in a practical set of 3. Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce are intended for one-time use: The design is egg-shaped, discreet and ideal for a quick fix on the go. The Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce are made from innovative, flexible, hydroactive TPE, which can be moistened with a small amount of water or saliva, ensuring smooth pleasure with a smooth feel. You don’t need any lubricant, so they’re really practical and perfect for on the go.

Satisfyer Masturbator Eggs: Practical masturbation device for on the go

Bubble and Naughty will spoil you with exciting nubs, while Riffle and Fierce inspire you with a sensual groove and spiral structure. Savage provides additional stimulation with waves. Crunchy completes diverse complete set of Satisfyer Egg Masturbators.

Easy to use

Since Satisfyer Egg Masturbator Fierce is a disposable product, there is no need for cleaning after use. You can simply discard the egg, making it a convenient option for those who prefer minimal maintenance.